Hufzul Quran:
Alhamdulilah, by the Grace of Almighty Allah(swt) we have started our School of Hifzul Quran .
Form registration and information
Please Call Brother Mohammed Mujibur Rahman Hafiz Rayhan Uddin and Imam Abdul latif Azom (313) 368-5308
Weekend Islamic School:
We have about one hundred students and four teachers. The Classes Includes: Quran with meaning, Sirah of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), History of Islam, Fiqah and Arabic
Summer Islamic School:
We have more than 200 students attend on our Summer Islamic School. The classes includes; Quran with meaning, Sirah of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), History of Islam, Fiqah and more. Most of our teachers are certified and specialized on the subject.
Religious advice & counseling:
We have professionally trained Imams to advise and counsel on the many concerns of the community such as remembrance, cultural challenges, and matrimonial problems. And we provide emergency shelter.
New Muslims – advice & support:
The Mosque provides advice, support and friendship. The Training sessions are also provided as needed base to learn to pray, read the Qur’an and perform the other duties that a Muslim is required to carry out.
Funeral Service:
Funeral rights for a Muslim must be observed according to Islamic guidelines. The funeral service arranges for the collection of the deceased from the hospital or mortuary, and makes arrangements for the funeral prayer and the burial. Our sisters provide services for sisters
Adult Learning Activities:
  i.      English As Second language (ESL)
  ii.      Job Training
  iii.      Islamic Classes